DailyGate App helps MSMEs who want to Scale Up, Unlike Conventional Transactional Softwares, DailyGate App Maps Non Transactional Data (Information Flow with Material Flow) thereby Increasing Efficiencies and Eliminating Wastes.
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Register your Organisation on DailyGate and use it in your MSME for 30 Days absolutely free.

Steps To Sign Up

  1. Start by Registering your Organisation on our platform for free: Click Here to Register.

  2. Once done, login in your Company Account by: Clicking here.

  3. Create Departments and Designations, from the left pane, and then inside Manage Associate Section, click on Add Associate.

  4. The Associates which are added will receive a email of their login credientials on their email address. If they do not find the mail, please check the Spam Box.

  5. Now, you and your Users can simply download our Android app from Google Play Store GooglePlayor access it from Web Browser by: Clicking here. Coming Soon on iOS.

  6. Start by using our Messenger, and go ahead, explore our features, and see how you can use DailyGate to improve Efficiency and Information Flow in your MSME.

    For any other details, please write to us at amey@dailygate.in

About Us.

Belagavi Based Startup, building Innovative Information Flow Technologies for various clusters across India.

Choose DailyGate and Enhance your Possibilities of Scaling Up.